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Downtown Committee Launches its new website!

Syracuse, NY -- The Downtown Committee today announced it has developed and launched a next-generation website, focused on promoting the many advantages of visiting, doing business in, and residing in Downtown Syracuse. In addition to conveying and dramatizing the vitality and range of offerings in the Downtown district, the website was consciously designed to address a range of goals, including a more modern and engaging user interface; responsive design that adapts to all web platforms, including mobile; improved and dynamic tools for promoting Downtown businesses, venues, events, properties and services; and a robust content management system that enables the committee to readily and easily update the site's content. The new website was developed over a three month period by Syracuse-based Cowley Associates, following a formal bidding process.

"We couldn't be more excited to launch this new website and feel it now fully reflects all the good news and good things happening in Downtown Syracuse," said Merike Treier, Executive Director of the Downtown Committee. "Whether you are visiting our Downtown for a weekend convention, just taking in dinner and a show, or are lucky enough to do business, work, or live here year-round -- Downtown offers a tremendous range of opportunities. And this new website truly makes it easy for you to discover and seize all of those opportunities."

Beyond spotlighting key attributes and assets of Downtown -- which includes everything from historical walking tours, bicycle-friendly navigation, and the Downtown district's unique neighborhoods -- the website also sheds light on the mission, goals and activities spearheaded by Downtown Committee itself, among them ongoing beautification programs, tracking demograpic and business statistics, driving Downtown economic development, and hosting popular signature events like Earth Day Clean Ups, Downtown Living Tour, the Downtown Farmers Market, and numerous Holidays In Downtown Syracuse events. The site also encourages and enables volunteers and donors to engage with the Downtown Committee, with the goal of continuing the positive momentum of Downtown Syracuse.

“There’s been a great deal of hard work, analysis, brainstorming, positivity and collaboration on this project – both internally and with the Cowley team,” said Alice Maggiore, Director of Communications and project lead on the new website. “We are confident the public will like what they see. We hope those in our community will engage with and use the tools available on the site. And we encourage everyone who shares our passion for Downtown Syracuse to spread the good word elsewhere in NYS, across the country, and beyond!”

Those interested in visiting the new website can locate it online at Visitors to the site can also sign up for the Downtown Committee's e-newsletter, follow the Committee's social media, and help the committee further its mission utilizing the "Get Involved" section of the website.