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What We Do

What We Do

The Downtown Committee is always willing and ready to assist you. If you have questions and aren't sure where to find the answers, start with the Downtown Committee. Even better, all of our services are free of charge to anyone located in or looking to locate to the downtown district. *If you'd like to learn more about a specific topic, please hover over the orange text (below) and click the link for more information.

You're welcome to contact us anytime via email at mail@downtownsyracuse.com, or by calling 315-422-8284. 

Economic Development

The Downtown Committee's Economic Development programs include a variety of efforts to strengthen Downtown Syracuse's economic base through:

  • Prioritizing buildings and sites for development
  • Retaining and attracting business to the city center
  • Finding potential spaces for your business to best meet your needs 
  • Listing available real estate (access by clicking here) and continuously updating properties as needed
  • Researching and promoting housing development and urban living
  • Collaborating with community partners to seize opportunities to make new connections to benefit Downtown

The Economic Development department provides support for you and your business through:

  • Identifying incentives and grant opportunities (Click here to check out some of the available resources)
  • Locating available parking, providing a comprehensive list including lots, garages, operators and rates
  • Tracking and continuously updating information including Downtown Syracuse demographics; Semi-Annual Occupancy Reports and Retail Reports detailing market trends; Databases of all downtown businesses, retail and properties

The goal is to deliver a positive Downtown experience, increasing connectivity and accessibility through:

  • Serving as a community liaison with the City of Syracuse
  • Transforming Downtown's landscape through urban planning and placemaking initiatives to consider the human scale of neighborhoods and pedestrian amenities to ensure Downtown's vitality
  • Establishing a "Pop-Up" retail program, linking entrepreneurs with available storefronts to add vibrancy to our downtown environment
  • Developing the "Downtown Wishlist" and laying groundwork to make those desires a reality 

Environmental Maintenance

The Downtown Committee's Environmental Maintenance crew is the driving force behind efforts to ensure Downtown is attractive, clean and accessible by providing the following services: 

  • Litter patrol and control
  • Street furniture repairs and replacement
  • Sidewalk snow clearing assistance
  • Mowing grass, cutting weeds and trimming hedges
  • Parking lot management
  • Streetscape maintenance such as flushing sidewalks, gum busting, graffiti removal and cleaning up doorways of vacant buildings

The Downtown Committee undertakes beautification programs to support a vibrant Downtown Syracuse through:

  • Installing and maintaining flower baskets throughout the summer months
  • Maintaining trees throughout Downtown Syracuse
  • Partners in Planting Program, a program developed to foster employee appreciation and engagement
  • Organizing annual spring & Earth Day cleanup efforts with the community

Marketing & Communications

The Downtown Committee's Marketing and Communications efforts aim to celebrate Downtown Syracuse and stir excitement about all that happens through: 

  • Ensuring information is easily accessible to all Downtown stakeholders
  • Promoting your business opening, new program or event(s) through producing a weekly electronic newsletter (reaching 9,000 people - click here to subscribe!) and pushing out the news through Social Media platforms (reaching 18,000+ people)
  • Welcoming new retail businesses, restaurants, and cultural institutions to Downtown by assembling welcome packages, listing your business here on our website, and customizing orientation programs for new employees
  • Coordinating promotions with Downtown retail boutiques, restaurants and cultural institutions

The Marketing & Communications team showcases Downtown's vibrancy through:

The goal is to communicate a positive message about Downtown's growth and desirability, paving the way for future development by: 

  • Producing informative publications (Click here to browse the collection)
  • Maintaining and continuously updating this website and providing consistent social media content
  • Identifying, meeting and anticipating the needs of new residents, homeowners and employees through survey distribution and analysis
  • Building Downtown's fanbase to yield new stakeholders
  • Updating mailing lists of Downtown constituents
  • Providing support to Neighborhood & Business Associations 

Parking & Accessibility

The Downtown Committee engages in a number of parking-related programs to ensure that Downtown Syracuse is accessible by: 

  • Operating two Downtown Syracuse lots after-hours for event parking
  • Maintaining a comprehensive list  of all parking lots and garages, operators and rates
  • Participating in a parking & transportation committee with other community partners
  • Assisting with conducting parking studies and implementing study recommendations
  • Assisting property owners, business owners and residents with finding sufficient parking


The Downtown Committee's Security team maintains Downtown's status as a safe neighborhood through: 

  • Establishing the Downtown Security & Information Center at 230 Harrison Street (map)
  • Answering and responding to calls to 423-HELP 
  • Installing and maintaining security cameras
  • Holding personal safety seminars for Downtown residents and employees
  • Offering security audits for Downtown businesses
  • Patrolling Downtown every day
  • Serving as a liaison between the business community and the Syracuse Police Department
  • Distributing security information to Downtown businesses and residents
  • Proactively addressing quality of life concerns through a Downtown task force to improve the outreach of social service providers