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    Downtown Challenge '22 

What is Challenge '22?

Challenge ‘22 celebrates, promotes, and supports the incredible local businesses that call Downtown Syracuse home.  These businesses and local institutions give our community character, and when you support local businesses, you’re making a significant impact. We’re each a piece of this community puzzle, and we’re proud to be working with you as we drive Downtown Syracuse forward.


How do I get started?

Challenge ‘22 officially begins on 2/2/22 (Wednesday, February 2, 2022). There are 28 tasks to choose from, and you must complete 22 to fulfill the Challenge. Of the tasks presented, 22 require no purchase! Tasks may be completed in any order. Each completed task earns you one puzzle piece. Complete tasks as quickly as you’d like, or take your time. Challenge ‘22 continues throughout 2022. 

Click here to view full list of Challenge '22 Tasks

How do I claim a puzzle piece?

Once you’ve completed a task, take a picture of - or screenshot your “proof” if a social media post is required - and send it to us via email at: 
Please use the subject line: Puzzle Piece – [YOUR NAME]

Each completed task proven via email earns one (1) puzzle piece that will be mailed to you at the address provided on your registration form. We encourage you to share your Challenge ‘22 progress by tagging us on your preferred social media platforms using #DowntownSYR22, but emailing proof is the only way to receive your piece(s). 

What is the prize for completing Challenge '22?

In addition to the good feeling you get when you support local businesses, and the positive impact you’re making on the community, you’ll receive all of the pieces needed to completely assemble your jigsaw puzzle. When you sign up to participate, we'll mail you a Starter Kit featuring:

  • Complete list of Challenge ‘22 Task options (choose 22 of the 28 tasks to fulfill the Challenge)
  • Three (3) puzzle pieces to get you started (collect 22 additional pieces to assemble a complete puzzle)
  • Downtown Syracuse Restaurant Directory
  • Downtown Syracuse Historic Walking Tour Guide
  • Downtown Syracuse Public Art Guide

The unique custom puzzle you'll receive features original artwork by artists involved with the Syracuse Poster Project. Scroll down to view the featured selections.

We hope you'll enjoy the Challenge and that you'll proudly display your work of art when complete!