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Vendors & Application

2017 Farmers Market Vendors

Daratt Farms Inc. - Seasonal produce

Youngman Orchards - Seasonal produce

Tauni Chuff - Baked goods

The Little Tea Cart – Loose-leaf teas

Hidden Hearts LLC. - Honey

Dale Haas - Seasonal produce

Caltabiano Farms – Garlic

Vibrational Elixirs - Artisan blended whole food drink mix

Ben Paine Farms - Seasonal produce and donuts

Fowler Farms - Seasonal produce and flowers

David Wengerd - Seasonal produce

Jake’s Gouda Cheese - Cheese

Wilson Garlic and Produce, LLC/Fingerlakes Grown - Beef, dry rubs, spices, produce

Otis Vezzose - Fruit

G&R DAgostino Quality Produce Inc. - Seasonal produce

Tim Hoxie - Seasonal produce

Maryinuk Farms - Seasonal produce

Abbott Farms Inc. - Seasonal produce

Ingersoll Farms - Seasonal produce

Zimmer’s Bakes – Baked goods and cookies

Linda Hahn - Seasonal produce

Lao Village - Laotian and Thai food

Toss ‘n’ fire Wood-Fired Pizza - Wood-fired pizzas using local produce and meats

Oliver B. Paine Greenhouses - Hanging baskets, annuals, herbs, perennials, pumpkins

Kim DeMascole - Flowers, seasonal produce

Larry Bohahni – Seasonal produce

Philip A. Williamson - Seasonal produce

Ransom Hill Garlic - Garlic

Frank’s Franks LLC - Hot dogs, burgers, sausage, chicken, side salads, beverages, etc.

Robert C. Adams Sr. - Kettlecorn, lemonade, waffles with fruit

Susu’s – Imported produce

Rosario Nicotra Inc. - Seasonal produce, plants

Shattuck’s Paddy Wagon, Inc. - Chicken changa, falafel wrap, Sriracha tots, etc.

Byblos Street Grill authentic Mediterranean food