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Cathedral Square

The Cathedral Square Neighborhood is near the center of Downtown Syracuse and embraces the Montgomery Street-Columbus Circle national historic district. The Cathedral Square Neighborhood Association was formed in 2009 and represents key neighborhood leaders, businesses, and residents working to make the district a vibrant neighborhood.

Each April, the Cathedral Square Neighborhood Association presents its signature event, the Organ Crawl. Click here to purchase tickets for the 2018 Organ Crawl. 

The April 29 event, scheduled from 1:30 pm to 4:00 pm, will showcase four iconic churches and their majestic organs. Guests will spend about 25 minutes in each church, where they will hear the organs in a way they've never heard them played before.  

Event organizers will lead the crowd to each stop along the listening tour, all located within a half-mile radius. In addition to beautiful music, the Organ Crawl will highlight historic facts about each church and organ.

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The Cathedral Square Neighobrhood Association is a vital partner in re-envisioning the future of our neighborhood.  Meetings are typically held the first Wednesday of each month and the location varies in order to showcase all that the neighborhood has to offer.  Everyone is welcome to join the association, which is comprised of individuals, organizations, and businesses interested in the Cathedral Square neighborhood.  Whether you live or work here, or come to the neighborhood to worship or for community services, we invite you to become an active member of the Cathedral Square Neighborhood Association.

For more information, please contact Anthony Catsimatides, President, Cathedral Square Neighborhood Association, c/o OPEN ATELIER, 449 S. Warren Street, Syracuse, NY 13202, 315-200-1560, amc@openatelier.com.

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