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    Beautification Programs

We love Downtown Syracuse and we know you do, too! If you’d like to put your adoration to good use, help us beautify downtown. Below please find a few ways you can contribute to our downtown beautification efforts.


Hanging Flower Baskets

The gorgeous hanging flower baskets that bloom throughout summer months in Downtown Syracuse are tended by the Downtown Committee. They dress streets throughout and hang in the Cathedral Square, Hanover Square, Salina Street, Clinton Square and Armory Square neighborhoods in vibrant shades of purple.

Would you like to help us increase Downtown Syracuse's Flower Power in 2021 by making a contribution to the maintenance of the hanging basket program? 

Use the PayPal button below:

Select # of Flower Baskets You Wish to Sponsor

** If purchasing more than five flower baskets, please contact the Downtown Committee at 315-422-8284 for special processing.

Request for Bids: Hanging Flower Basket Program

Request for Bids: Downtown Syracuse Hanging Flower Basket Program

Program Description

The Downtown Committee of Syracuse, Inc. (Downtown Committee) manages an annual Hanging Flower Basket Program. This program is supported in part by the Downtown Committee’s annual streetscape enhancement cost-sharing agreement with the City of Syracuse. The program is now in its 10th year. 

The program provides for 350 fifteen-inch (15”) baskets of purple petunias, as well as quantities of 12” and 10” baskets and sweet potato vines, as specified below. The majority of the 15” baskets are attached to streetlight poles throughout the downtown district, starting the week after Memorial Day each year; these hanging flower baskets are watered daily by a seasonal watering crew, and remain on display until the Friday after Labor Day. In total, the baskets are on display for roughly 3.5 months.  

The remaining purple petunia baskets of various sizes are used for streetscape beautification efforts during the summer months, including in ground planters at downtown business storefronts. 

The Downtown Committee is seeking competitive bids to continue this program into the first season of its next decade.

Scope of Work

Bidding on the 2022 season will include the following:

  • Seeding petunia plants in 350 fifteen-inch (15”) plastic buckets and growing plants to maturity, ready for delivery the week of Memorial Day. Plants must be consistent in species and uniform in color. Grower must provide the buckets for planting. Downtown Committee will provide hanging hardware for hanging baskets. Grower will place each petunia-filled bucket in the hanging hardware before plants reach full maturity, so they may hang in the greenhouse and continue to grow over the hardware as they mature.
  • Seeding petunia plants in 35 twelve-inch (12”) plastic buckets and growing plants to maturity, ready for delivery the week of Memorial Day. Plants must be consistent in species and uniform in color. Grower must provide the buckets for planting.
  • Seeding petunia plants in 100 ten-inch (10”) plastic buckets and growing plants to maturity, ready for delivery the week of Memorial Day. Plants must be consistent in species and uniform in color. Grower must provide the buckets for planting.
  • Storing mature plants at greenhouse until delivery date.
  • Delivery of plants to Downtown Syracuse on the Tuesday and Wednesday after Memorial Day (May 31 – June 1, 2022). Grower must be available for the full 8-hour workday on both May 31 and June 1 to deliver plants to DTC environmental maintenance crew throughout the downtown district. Delivery will require multiple trips back and forth to the greenhouse each day.
  • Please note that up to three dozen of the 10” plants will remain at the greenhouse until needed as replacement/additional plant material later in the season.
  • Storage of buckets during the off-season. The Downtown Committee will return buckets to grower in September 2022.
  • Acceptance of 50% payment at time of order, with final payment due upon delivery. Please note any discounts grower will offer for full payment at time of order.

For questions about the Downtown Syracuse Hanging Flower Basket Program, please contact Heather at (315) 470-1958 or

Bid Instructions:

Please complete the bid table in the provided attachement. Include any comments and fill in all contact fields.

Submit this form to Heather Schroeder, Director of Economic Development, by 5pm on Friday, October 1, 2021. Bids will only be accepted via email at
All bidders will be notified of the result by October 15, 2021.

Thank you 2021 Hanging Flower Basket Sponsors!

  • Acropolis Realty Group
  • Ale 'n' Angus Pub
  • Armory Development & Management
  • Bousquet Holstein
  • C&S Companies
  • Cathy's Cookie Kitchen
  • CBD Companies
  • Cerio Law Office
  • CH Insurance 
  • Common Space Properties, Inc.
  • Cushman & Wakefield/Pyramid Brokerage
  • Digital Hyve
  • Discount Shoe Repair
  • Environmental Design & Research, Landscape Architecture, Engineering & Environmental Services, D.P.C.
  • Fust Charles Chambers LLP
  • Hancock Estabrook, LLP 
  • Hueber-Breuer Construction Co.
  • KeyBank
  • Lahinch Group
  • M&T Bank
  • Mackenzie Hughes, LLP
  • Marriott Syracuse Downtown
  • Money FCU
  • National Grid
  • NBT Bank
  • Norstar Development USA, LP
  • NY Optometric
  • The Oncenter
  • Pacific Properties 
  • Partnership Properties
  • Pioneer Companies 
  • QPK Design
  • Rapid Response Monitoring
  • SideARM Sports
  • Synapse
  • Terakeet
  • The Legal Team of Piraino-Zimmerman
  • The Marrone Law Firm
  • The Sutton Companies
  • Towers Realty LR, Ltd
  • Urban Realty Group
  • VIP Structures
  • Washington St. Partners
  • Wicker Appraisal


Is there a part of Downtown that’s special to you that you’d like to take an active part in sprucing up? We can work with you if you’d like to start a clean-up crew or if you’d like to make a donation towards a specific item in our public space (such as plantings, benches, bike racks to name just a few). 


Partners In Planting

The Partners in Planting program bolsters downtown employees’ pride for their neighborhood by combining engagement and beautification efforts to transform Downtown Syracuse's landscape.


Cigarette Litter Prevention Program

In March 2018, the Downtown Committee received a $5,000 Cigarette Litter Prevention Program grant from Keep America Beautiful. The grant allowed the Downtown Committee to implement a new litter prevention campaign, including the purchase and installation of 20 new powder-coated steel cigarette butt receptacles throughout Downtown Syracuse. In one year, cigarette litter decreased by 20% along South Warren, South Salina and South Clinton streets.


Arts In The Windows

The Downtown Syracuse Committee orginated the Arts in the Windows program in 2015 to howcase available storefronts, while spotlighting the talents of local artists. The temporary artwork installations activate Downtown's streetscape by generating new foot traffic, and expand the audience for the visual arts in our community. CNY Arts currently administers the program.