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Salina St. 10 is the newest iteration of the Downtown Committee’s Arts in the Windows program. The program strives to beautify the Downtown Syracuse streetscape, showcase the work of talented artists, spotlight available storefronts, and generate foot traffic to area businesses. The program is managed by the Downtown Committee of Syracuse in collaboration with the Southern Downtown Neighborhood Association, funded by grants from Tomorrow's Neighborhoods Today and CNY Arts.

To participate in the next round of Salina St. 10, email Conor Rockhill, Economic Development Specialist at

Artist: Michael Schwarzer

Artist Bio Coming Soon.

400 S. Salina St. – City CenterAvailable: 8,000 SF retail.Contact: Larry 424-1111

Artist: Daniela Nikolavsky

Daniela Nikolavsky is a painter from Upstate New York. Born in Brazil in the late 1970s, she immigrated to the United States in 2009. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences (2002) and Master’s (2003) and PhD (2008) Degrees in Pharmacology from the Federal University of Ceará in Brazil. After taking drawing and painting classes at Onondaga Community College, she decided to explore a new professional path by dedicating her skills and knowledge in the development of an artistic occupation. Her artwork reflects her interest in the use of art by ancient civilizations and her pursuit of the transcendental effects of artistic creations.  She employs basic drawing and classical portrait techniques and uses acrylic paint and mixed medium.

400 S. Salina St. – City CenterAvailable: 8,000 SF retail.Contact: Larry 424-1111

Artist: Michael Calobrisi

Perfectly Still is a video production company focused on artistic expression through corporate and experimental narratives. Calobrisi animates, shoots and edits videos across a wide range of industries. Formed in late 2021, he strives to create authentic, true stories about people in everyday life. He has been creating mini-documentaries about urban activation projects in the heart of Downtown Syracuse, promoting start-up companies through sizzle reels and giving individual artists a larger audience by promoting their crafts on social media. Some organizations he has collaborated with include Visit Syracuse, CNY Arts, The MOST, TNT, MIDOMA and Bank Alley Social Club. To have the opportunity to showcase some short films to newer audiences is a grounded approach to generating a community of filmmakers who enjoy making movies just as much as he does, instead of posting online to gain followers. Examples of his work can be seen on

400 S. Salina St. – City CenterAvailable: 8,000 SF retail.Contact: Larry 424-1111

Artist: Black Artists Collective – Paired Pieces

Paired Pieces is an exhibition presented by The Black Artist Collective in its inaugural year. A thought-provoking group exhibition featuring the work of Martikah Williams & Jaleel Campbell, both distinguished Co-Founders and Executive Members of BAC, along with the multidisciplinary talent of Kofi Antwi, Sahara Burgos, Charles DeShields, Selaci Butoto, Brandan Meyer, and Janiah Shadreem.Paired Pieces explores the power of collaboration and mentorship within the artistic community. In this exhibition, four established professional artists have taken on the role of mentors, working closely with four talented student artists. Together, they have embarked on an artistic journey, creating complementary new works that delve into the profound theme of the decimation of the 15th Ward and its lasting impact.

The 15th Ward holds a significant place in history, and its demise has left an indelible mark on the City of Syracuse. Through a series of thought-provoking prompt questions, this exhibition encourages viewers to contemplate and experience the lingering effects of this devastation. What are the lasting consequences of the 15th Ward's destruction? How does the impact reverberate within the City of Syracuse today? And most importantly, what are our collective hopes for a reparative future in Syracuse?

Paired Pieces presents diverse perspectives, artistic styles, and mediums, creating a captivating and immersive experience for all visitors. Each artist brings their unique vision to the table, inviting viewers to reflect on the past, engage with the present, and envision a future that embodies inclusivity and restoration.

301 S. Salina St. – Woolworths BuildingAvailable: 6,027 SF retailContact: Martin 472-2020

Artist: Salt Point Photography

Salt Point Photography Club was formed early in 2023 to bring together like minded amateur and hobbyist photographers who share a love for the City of Syracuse. The Club gathers monthly to share ideas about craft and technique, explore the city, and create images together. The Club is meant to bridge the gap between interacting with other locals doing photography online to bringing them together ‘in real life.’ Besides sharing our hobby, the club tries to boost events, venues, institutions, and businesses in the Syracuse and Central New York community. For example, in June, the Club met at Thornden Park Rose Garden and posted our work in collaboration with the Syracuse Parks Conservancy.The opportunity to beautify our streets using a vacant storefront is a perfect chance Salt Point to showcase the work of our members and enhance our community.Examples of the work of our club members can be found on our Instagram account at

319 S. Salina St.Available: 5,280 SF retailContact: Brandon 400-0668

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